Conspiracy by police against Femen in Ukraine

After three weeks of violent repression against Femen activists in Ukraine, the police has now entered on August 27 in the local Femen in Kiev on the pretext of searching for weapons and bombs.



On 27.08.2013 the FEMEN office on Kiev was visited by police officers with the intentions to search for weaponry. Eventually they found a gun and a bomb inside the office, alongside portraits showing Vladimir Putin and the Patriarch Kyrill.

These weapons are fake evidence, placed inside the office in order to stop the work of the women’s right movement FEMEN, founded 2008 in Kiev, Ukraine.

Several attacks by Ukrainian secret services against FEMEN activists Anna Hutsol, Sasha Shevchenko, Oksana Shachko and Yana Zhdanova have occurred since the visit of Vladimir Putin, Alexander Loukachenko, and the leader of Russian Orthodox Church Kyrill the 28th of July in Kiev, UA.

FEMEN activists and reporting journalists have been followed and attacked. Personal belongings have been stolen and activists were brutally beaten and injured and put under arrest.

The most recent event is of extreme significance. Fake evidence has been planted inside the office of FEMEN in Kiev in order to put charges for terrorism and preparation for murder upon the founders of FEMEN. Activists are under serious risks to be put in prison for long time periods.

FEMEN is a non-violent organization. FEMEN rejects the usage of any weaponry apart from bare breasts.

European democratic governments, especially French, should react quickly and achieve their liberation.

Joseph Paris is documentary filmmaker. · August 27, 2013 - © Creative Commons BY